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Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are currently going through divorce proceedings, are legally separated, or are considering separation or divorce, the divorce lawyer at Dotson Law PLLC of Ashland, Kentucky has the experience to make the process as painless as possible for you.

We know family law cases involve intimate details of people's lives and emotionally charged issues. Dotson Law PLLC can help you cope with the feelings of being frustrated, betrayed, and lost by guiding you through the process with your best interests at the forefront.

Dotson Law PLLC of Ashland, Kentucky represents clients from all walks of life throughout Eastern Kentucky. There are a number of issues that require a divorce lawyer, including:

  • Divorce filing
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation 
  • Maintenance (spousal support)
  • Distribution of Property/assets
  • Mediation
  • Division of debt
  • Relocation
  • Business Valuation
  • Post Divorce matters
  • Pre-marriage documents
  • EPO and Domestic Violence hearings

Dotson Law PLLC can assist in out-of-state divorce matters if your spouse has relocated or if paternity testing is necessary. Many divorces are uncontested, and the parties can successfully dissolve the marriage without having to go in front of a judge. However, if your divorce is contested, Dotson Law PLLC will represent you aggressively to see that your rights and your children’s rights are protected.

Alternatively, you should also consider hiring a divorce lawyer at Dotson Law PLLC prior to getting married to handle all of your premarital document needs and prenuptial agreements. Let their highly experienced divorce attorney provide a free assessment of your divorce or premarital needs.

No two cases are the same and we will not sugarcoat any deficiencies we see in your case because we feel open and honest representation is the best solution. Call (606) 325-0000 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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