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Curtis E. Dotson, Attorney At Law


CALL NOW! (606) 325-0000

   Ashland, Kentucky


Personal Injury

Divorce / Child Custody

Employment Law

Welcome to Dotson Law PLLC

At Dotson Law PLLC, we are committed to providing every client comprehensive legal services. We strive for a high level of client satisfaction in every case and provide individualized services to each client. Clients retaining Dotson Law PLLC will receive legal representation tailored to their individual needs.

The firm provides legal services in the following areas:

Dotson Law PLLC

4332 13th St.

Ashland, Kentucky 41102

Located in Shannon Plaza

Telephone: (606) 325-0000

At Dotson Law PLLC, we understand that bringing a lawsuit can be a time-consuming, traumatic experience. You need an attorney who genuinely cares about you and the outcome of your case. From simple cases to heavily involved and complicated legal matters, you need an attorney you can trust to look out for your best interests.

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Dotson Law PLLC is committed to bringing you the best service by returning calls, explaining legal matters, evaluating your injuries and negotiating with insurance companies. We will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

Call Dotson Law PLLC of Ashland, KY now to speak with an attorney at (606)325-000o or you may contact us by email at [email protected]. FREE consultation.

Hear what our clients have to say. Don't just take our word for it. 

November 7, 2014.

"I found Mr. Dotson to be a very efficient attorney....he kept me updated on everything that was being done .....I feel if I had hunted the state over I still could not have found a better or more efficient attorney than Mr. Dotson.....And I might also add I was very well satisfied with the settlement....I have and would recommend him to anyone that needs a good attorney....."

                                                                                Sue Patrick

                                                                                Magoffin County, KY


"I Googled for a Attorney and really received a blessing when I contacted Mr. Curtis Dotson. He is a fair, kind, and honest man as well as a highly qualified Attorney. I am very well pleased with his work and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an Attorney."

                                                                                Jolene Rice

                                                                                Greenup County, KY